The Art Of The Amble

There are times that we strive through years of desperate times of growth in our spiritual lives… Hardship, It seems that there are endless waves of adversity that pound against us relentlessly. We wonder if we know or believe anything at all, and even if we know how to know or believe anything. At the point that we find complete lack of control over our lives we cry out in desperation for rescue and we find the graceful and complete control that Father God has over every moment, every need, every desire. We find that we have been lovingly positioned to experience a dream that we could not have even hoped to dream.

No Mistake About It

Have you ever watched a video played backward?  It has an odd feel to it and it just seems like the motions are neurotic and very much unlike the video played forward.  There’s also the feeling that you can predict whats going to happen in the future however... read more

So This Was All Just A Big Mistake…

So things got a little messy when I started asking myself this question about how we conventionally view God in western christian culture. For clarity’s sake lets call it “western fundamental conservative evangelical christianity” just to get all our... read more

Doing Hard Things

Being a leader is not always the easiest job…there are expectations to meet, ideals to promote, and people to motivate. I have heard someone once say… “if you think you are a leader look behind you… if no one is following… then you are... read more

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