The Vacuum

You  know what it is… its the point that all of the things that  you are used to… inspiration, perception, your personal sense of connection with God, even just the things that you like doing. somehow they feel.. well… a little weird? disconnected almost. The dreaded Vacuum!! 

100% lack of everything.. no air.. no anything!  
I found myself there in the past few months, the place where no matter how hard you struggle you are not gonna go anywhere.
So when I end up like that. I typically evaluate everything- my job, my hobbies, my addictions, my passions, my relationships- like I said “everything”.  Once I take stock of the situation I try to step back to the “last known good” settings. Not always a favorite thing to do, but very necessary. And slowly… as I step away from the things that I should, and refocus. I can finally breathe again!
…deep breath… alright lets try this again!

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  1. I like the premise of this blog. it appeals to my wild side…Im guess Im really not as crazy and footloose as I try to seem. But oh do I want to be. I want to live without regard for the voices of theological perfection and Doctorial dictatorships of religion. I want to stand in the face of scholarly wisdom and challenge it, force the great mounds of stinking study to self combust and burn away until there is nothing left of them but ashes and truth. Because truth will stand, it has stood, and it is unmarred. It has withstood the centuries of reform and revolt, it has weathered storms and stupidity, it has remained exactly as it always was through philosophy and foolishness…it is and will always be truth…and it does by its very existence demand that all else that is not it, is completely and wholly false.


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