Oh My God….

I don’t know how many of you actually pay attention to my song recommendations but if you ignore them you are truly missing out. I listen to songs for what they say, through both lyrics and music. And there are many that do not say much… when I do come upon a jewel of a song that truly engages my emotions and my intellect, even my soul, that’s when I decide to recommend it.

So Pay Attention!! :)

This song hit me like a ton of bricks last night and I just had to share it with you… The song looks at how different people handle a crisis of belief, yet ultimately we all cry out to God in desperation. A quick background on the song and the lyrics can be found here

I really recommend reading the lyrics and listening to the song…

Jason the bald guy


  1. Great song, I remember this band from many years ago!

  2. I think this deserves a comment, In honesty the lyrics are not blowing me away, but the instrumentals are very nice. There re not enough "accousticcy" song around any more, but this one is lovely

    • you know I was thinking, if you like the acoustic thing… you may like a guy called Andrew Eastmond, http://www.andreweastman.com/nhm/ also be sure to check out Shane and Shane they had some great acoustic stuff early on…

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