Doing Hard Things

Being a leader is not always the easiest job…there are expectations to meet, ideals to promote, and people to motivate. I have heard someone once say… “if you think you are a leader look behind you… if no one is following… then you are not a leader.” For aspiring leaders this is a somewhat truthful saying. On the other hand leading does not always involve dragging people through the same stuff you are going through. A good example is Jesus, he often escaped to a mountain alone… or to a boat… sure people felt abandoned and frustrated but Jesus was never running a PR campaign. He focused on giving them truth and life. His absence was a function of him taking care of his priorities. The reality of leadership is that sometimes you have to do the hard things that very few people are willing to do; and sometimes that means that not many people will follow you down that path. At that very important moment when you are forging ahead and you look behind, and no one is following, don’t lose heart! being a leader is not about how many people you can convince to follow you…in fact being a leader is not about being a leader at all! Leadership is a “catch word” that people use to describe some one that is driven to move forward and come up with new ideas, explore new territories, and in general focus on getting the most out of their individual existence both spiritually and physically. Aspirations to be a leader is a fallacy of the largest proportions! You should rather aspire to experience the best of what God has to offer for you… and you should be willing to take whatever lengths he allows you to get to that; If others follow you then you have comrades to share the journey! The process of encouraging and helping others that have joined in your journey is an integral part of reaching your next destination; however it is not the “destination” or even the mission!

We often make the mistake of focusing on our leadership rather than our destination. We suddenly find that our comrades will go no further, that they are convinced of another destination or route. We make the mistake of assuming that to continue leading we must find another route to take to continue being their leader. So we take our eyes off our destination, our dreams, our passions and we focus on making everybody happy so that we can maintain our “entourage”.

I am not endorsing that we haphazardly go where we please leaving people stranded and abandoned because we do not take the time to care for them. We have all been called to serve others no matter where we are. But we cannot stop and become stagnant, we must move forward, choosing to do the hard things.. …to forge ahead leaving the comfort of the status quo, where the definition of “leadership” becomes insignificant, petty, and grasping… as if it entitles one to something. Aspiring to be a leader is short sighted… aspiring to unapologetically be who God made you is the destination!

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