No Mistake About It

Have you ever watched a video played backward?  It has an odd feel to it and it just seems like the motions are neurotic and very much unlike the video played forward.  There’s also the feeling that you can predict whats going to happen in the future however since its in reverse you are actually predicting what already happened in the past.  The interesting thing is that from the perspective of the person in the video they cannot know what will happen in the future when the video is playing forward and technically they cannot know what will happen in the past if the video is playing in reverse.  At the same time you are keenly aware of what will happen regardless of what direction the video is playing.

If we have a God that has already perfectly understood every event and person perfectly before the creation of time you have to make the observation that it would be pretty difficult for him to make a mistake. If we stand on that premise and begin to look at man’s history from God’s all knowing perspective we might see a much different God than we often caricature him to be.  In the garden when he clothed Adam and Eve – He was being merciful,  When he said, cursed is the ground, he was making a statement about how man had become in opposition to creation thus creation itself would oppose him.  When he drove Adam and Eve from the garden he was protecting them from an eternal state of death and opposition to creation.  Time and time again the creator was serving and protecting and warning of consequence to a creature that stumblingly seemed to be falling all over themselves to get into trouble.  With a newfound sense of justice (Knowledge of Good and Evil) Adam and Eve began immediately making assumptions subconsciously about justice, retribution, sacrifice, that were based on their experiences.

This strongly reminds me of my 2 year old that has no idea he is getting himself into danger when he climbs up a precarious stack of boxes to get something out of reach.  Every effort I make to communicate with him is disregarded as unimportant in contrast to his goal.  Only when I decide to interfere or allow the consequences to play out does he realize the foolishness of his actions.

God however already knows all things, and by choosing to create he knew that “un-creation” also known as “entropy” or “Chaos”  or most notably “Death” would exist.  Although death is not equal or opposite to life it is still a valid state that we can find ourselves in.  God in his wisdom intentionally created life and love and everything that comes from his nature. At the same time he was aware that alternatives to his intentional life-giving nature existed giving birth to choice.  But his wisdom and love extends beyond his creative abilities because he chose to become a paradox before he even created the first thing. He would become one with his creation and they would become one with Him.  The power of “death” would be eliminated pouring itself back into the creator Himself to be reignited into life.

Nothing is a mistake, all things have been planned and spoken from the beginning. If you start here, where death itself is a slave to life… where all things will become new… where you have been translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of life.  Where God is Love and Light and in him is no darkness at all…because he makes even darkness into light.  Start with that understanding of your Father… that Jesus was the catalyst that conquered death by going into death as the creator of life itself.  That he ascended to heaven dragging hell itself with him so that no place would ever be outside of his influence and domain. That he would ultimately be king of all things so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.  In him all things consist and are held together.  

If you start with that kind of perception of God, A God that never makes mistakes, and always redeems, and never fails, and his love endures forever.  You will find that there is no mistake about it… His ways are higher than our ways… and he has this thing under control, he hasn’t missed a single detail… And there is something quite comforting about that.


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