So This Was All Just A Big Mistake…

So things got a little messy when I started asking myself this question about how we conventionally view God in western christian culture. For clarity’s sake lets call it “western fundamental conservative evangelical christianity” just to get all our ducks in a row.  By my estimation what almost everyone I knew believed and agreed with was that God created us and we messed stuff up right out of the gate, Eve pretty much hadn’t even gotten to romp around naked with Adam for a good week before she went and ate the fruit and it all went downhill from there.  From there God just started shaking his head and groaning as we messed up his perfect plan.  Eventually everyone was so screwed up and evil that he wiped them out with the flood saving Noah so that he could kick things off and give God a second chance.  But even then he must not have though things through because eventually he had to send his Son down to take our place. Because God has to kill us and send us to Hell if we don’t do everything right because he is a just God. But even then… almost everyone is STILL going to hell because they are just all wicked and self serving. But God is ok with that… because they rejected him so he rejects them right?

I think  the point that I started wondering if I had fallen out of the looney bin was when I started forcing all the puzzle pieces together and realizing that this fantastic failure of a plan would effectively disqualify God for the “All knowing, Timeless, God whose Love never fails and his justice is impartial and fair.  I hope you get my point that most of what we give God credit for is constantly trying to patch up a huge experiment that has somehow spun out of his control.  We then proceed to infer on many levels that since Christ died and ascended into Heaven that God kinda walked away and said “Good Luck Guys, I have done everything I can, You are on your own now”

But thats not how it is right… I mean if he knows everything then he kinda “can’t” make a mistake. And if he “IS” love and his love never fails that would mean that “HE” never fails,  and so there is really no way that all of this was just a big mistake right?

Think about that a little until my next post.


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