Hi, I am Jason Carroll (AKA Jason The Bald Guy) Disciple of Jesus, Worshiper, and otherwise average Bald Guy.

I have been blogging on and off for a decade or so, simply sharing my thoughts as I walk my path. I decided to call this blog “The Art of The Amble” because I have observed that no matter our purposefulness in pursuing a relationship with God it most often resembles a meandering path or “amble”.  There are times that we strive through years of desperate times of growth in our spiritual lives… Hardship, It seems that there are endless waves of adversity that pound against us relentlessly. We wonder if we know or believe anything at all, and even if we know how to know or believe anything. At the point that we find complete lack of control over our lives we cry out in desperation for rescue and we find the graceful and complete control that Father God has over every moment, every need, every desire. We find that we have been lovingly positioned to experience a dream that we could not have even hoped to dream. This is the Art Of The Amble.