No Mistake About It

Have you ever watched a video played backward?  It has an odd feel to it and it just seems like the motions are neurotic and very much unlike the video played forward.  There’s also the feeling that you can predict whats going to happen in the future however... read more

So This Was All Just A Big Mistake…

So things got a little messy when I started asking myself this question about how we conventionally view God in western christian culture. For clarity’s sake lets call it “western fundamental conservative evangelical christianity” just to get all our... read more

Finger Of God

Sometimes we have to go back to a point where everything changed, maybe its because we need to re-live that moment and remember why things are the way they are now. Sitting where I am now things don’t “look” much different on the surface, but thats... read more

Anxiety and Stress

I have worked in high stress environments for enough years to know the signs of stress fatigue,  burnout, anxiety, depression, and all the colorful in-between areas.  So why do we do we let it happen?  Why does workplace related stress plague a majority of our... read more


Dream of writing words one day that would say the things that you might say in a way that you would stop and ponder if you could write a song and wonder…   If there was an undiscovered thought that you could bring to light and somehow give a lover words or... read more

The Grace Debate…a Mild Rant

We should totally revamp God’s stance on everything… lets make him more like us… he is way too old fashioned and straight laced… that way we can all be comfortable with ourselves and we can just stay where we are… because we are sooo... read more

Cross Grained

The dictionary describes cross grained as having a tenacious unwillingness to yield.  There is a strong tendency these days to “Go with the flow”… “don’t rock the boat”  or “keep your opinion to yourself”  People really... read more

First Fruits

I’ve worked for weeks in my garden… Lots of actual blood sweat and tears… I will spare you the details.  This week the first zucchini and tomatoes were getting nice size and ready for picking in a few days.. Today my kids pilfered the garden to play... read more

Awful Lawful

There’s Lots of conversation going on these days about God… whether there is one or not…whether he cares whats going on down here… and if he does why did he let Obama have a second term. The preppers are out in force, and even the pacifists are... read more

Building Something

  I am not a carpenter…at all. However I love to build things; I have trouble though.. things just don’t really come out as planned I try to take special care but still my carpentry projects tend to end up being less than awesome. The week of this new... read more


There are times that we feel so trapped by things in our lives, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and fear, seem to be our only companions as we struggle to keep afloat… to keep from drowning… to keep breathing… it’s the breathing.. that’s... read more

So Much Spaghetti

Our choices are never so cut and dry… and our lives are never as simple and in control as we imagine…our lives are like so much spaghetti that is tangled and sticky and more messy than anything… you cannot grab a single strand or even a few…... read more

A Long Weekend

I recently encountered a discussion on the web and a commenter stated regarding the death and resurrection of Christ “I don’t see the point of it, except as symbolism. Anyway he apparently got resurrected afterwards, so instead of sacrificing his life, it was... read more

Doing Hard Things

Being a leader is not always the easiest job…there are expectations to meet, ideals to promote, and people to motivate. I have heard someone once say… “if you think you are a leader look behind you… if no one is following… then you are... read more

Being the SuperCulture

There are those that believe that the true “Body of Christ” is a subculture of the modern movement of “Christianity” The idea is that there are many that identify themselves as “Christian” and yet deny very principals and ideals of... read more

The Symphony

It is amazing to me how God’s will is constantly moving us. Moving us in or out of places or positions of service. Using our own actions and the course of our lives to bring a magnificent symphony of his design and purpose into existence. We have only to be at... read more